2018.8 - 2020.5
Java developer

2018.8 - 2020.5: Nackademin

I'm currently studying Java programming at Nackademin in Solna, Sweden where I'm also a part of the management group for the Java programme as a class representative.

Courses included in the programme:

  1. Object-oriented analytics and design
  2. Object-oriented programming and Java
  3. Database technology
  4. Client-side development
  5. Java Backend
  6. Application Lifecycle Management
2014 - 2018
Audio production
2017 - 2018: HeadStrap AB

As and audio producer in my own company, HeadStrap, I've created music and sound effects for mobile VR games. My role also included:

  • - Game concept development
  • - Web design and coding
  • - Market- and competitor research/analytics

2014 - 2018 : Freelancer
  • From 2014 I've recorded demos, voice-overs and audio restoration work for company films and educational material.
1999 - 2017
Warehouse worker
2008 - 2017: Foodmark AB

At Foodmark I've worked as a foreman at the warehouse doing tasks including personal planning and daily work planning of incoming and outgoing goods.

I've also worked with Customer Support mainly handling customer orders and claims.

2000-2008: Martin Olsson

At Martin Olsson I worked as order recipient and customer service care within professional kitchen-equpiment.

1999-2000: Svenska Service Teamet

Hired warehouse worker at Svensk Direktreklam and Posten.

1997 - 1999
Web design
1997 - 1999: SEED AB

At my first company during the last year in high school I coded in HTML and CSS.