No more hiss

There are no excuses for hiss, hum or pops on a professional recording. Got a voice-over that needs a touchup?

Artifacts and clipping

Hot signals made it to the recording? Digital clipping, clicks and pops are common artifacts and in many cases heavy reductions or total removal is possible!

Room reverb

Interviews and voice-overs are not always recorded in the best acoustic environments possible. Let's get that voice-over to pop out!

Audio Clean Up

Have you been recording voice-overs or presentations where the recordings capture more background noise than what you wanted?

Noise like hum, hiss, wind, traffic or typical pops and breaths can quickly diminish the quality of a recording. But the recording doesn't necessarily have to have gone to a complete waste.

Client Examples

Before and after processing in each clip.

Ex 1: Reverb

Excerpt from a company presention with too much reverb.

Ex 2: Plosives

Voice-over with heavy plosives.

Ex 3: Background noise

An interview in a very crowded place with background noise reduced.

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Custom Audio

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